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Latin dancing is usually danced with a partner.

However, in reality, there are always more ladies than men who wish to take up dancing.

So why not Latin Solo? Ladies, you can now dance Latin without a partner!

We will learn a variety of Latin dances!


Chacha is characterised by the cheeky cha-cha-cha beat. Chacha is a popular rhythm that is used not only in Latin American songs, but in modern popular songs as well.


Bachata is a sensual Latin street dance which is very sexy. It usually involves a lot of hip and body movements.


Rumba is the Latin American dance of love, distinguished by the romantic feel in love songs.


Salsa is a Latin street dance with a mix of Cuban styles. It is a flirty, fun, exciting party dance. There are a few types of Salsa styles; in Latin Solo we will learn Salsa On1.


Samba is the Latin American dance of celebration with Brazilian roots. It can be danced to 2/4 or 4/4 beats, characterised with bouncing or dropping motions.


Jive is a highly energetic dance which has influences from swing dancing. It is danced to fast, upbeat music.


Kizomba is a romantic Latin street dance. It is danced in a smooth manner, similar to tango.


Paso Doble is the dance of the Spanish bullfight, with dramatic armwork and body movements.

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